Indigenous Wellness Canada (IWC) reflects the personal and professional evolution of its founder, Krystel Mckinnon, who is the pioneering spirit behind the blended approach that melds holistic healing traditions with the latest in wellness innovation. Her path to establishing IWC was deeply personal, driven by her own healing journey and a profound desire to share the healing potential of a holistic approach with others.

Krystel’s professional background is rich with experiences that have shaped her understanding of wellness as a multifaceted journey. With a focus that embraces a broader, holistic perspective that prioritizes the integration of mind, body, and spirit. This approach is at the core of her work, where she employs modalities such as motional Freedom Technique (EFT), Red Light Therapy, and practices that are grounded in Compassionate Inquiry to support individuals in their paths to healing and self-discovery.

Her dedication to this integrative approach was further inspired by her role as a mother to her son, Buck, whose journey alongside hers has been a beacon of resilience and hope. Together, their story underscores the transformative potential of healing and the legacy of wellness she aims to build through IWC.

At Indigenous Wellness Canada, Krystel’s vision goes beyond just employing healing techniques. It’s centred on building a community where individuals can pursue their unique wellness journeys. Under her guidance, IWC emerges as a guiding light for anyone seeking healing and a deeper, holistic connection to well-being. She welcomes all to embark on this journey, creating an environment where healing is a shared and individual experience, initiating a transformative process for both individuals and the community as a whole.